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  • Allie

    Not a dog (or pet person) but id crawl up in there with that puppy! Too funny!

  • Lauren Champ

    my dogs would so do this lol bahaha so funny!

  • Megan Rodriguez

    LOL #dog #funny #animal

  • Gina Baldo

    Funny Dogs to make her smile

  • Hannah Silva

    haha giggles i can see my dog doing that

  • Mykala

    Puppy Igloo. I could see my doggy doing this ;P

  • Funiest-Stuff

    Every dog owner has came home to this and thought what was he thinking lol now we know More amazing and funny stuff at

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aww! lol...this for my Lindsey Lindsey Grande Grande Grande Grande Compton

This is so my brother and sister's dog Jack. He tries to carry as many toys in his mouth as possible

yeah... one downside of the ocean... which is why i like to swim when there's no seaweed (better chance of seeing what's around you).

LOL Finally my shipment arrived. The shoes stuff is tops Top quality yet wasnt expensive! Ob4PX

In the bottom one the dog just looks really annoyed. Like "Look it was cute when you were little now it's really really irritating. Mom make home stop."

So true! My adopted pit worries when we take his collar off for a bath. It's his "family wedding ring / security, I have a home now" symbol

Meet the World's First Dog with Four Prosthetic Legs

I have pictures of Ryder's first ocean experience and it's EXACTLY like this... he is forever terrified

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