Make a fruit fly trap with a jar and piece of paper. This is perfect for summer! - The Idea Room via @babycenter

How to Keep Bananas From Turning Brown So Quickly!!! I never knew this!

Simple trick to get rid of fruit flies from

Homemade Mosquito Trap~

Fruit Flies BE GONE! 5 ways to eliminate fruit flies! Fruit flies are not the best creatures to have around the house.

Cork candles. Finish your wine and collect corks. Then soak them in a capped mason jar filled with aceatone alcohol for a week. Light them up and enjoy making the easiest candle there ever could be. Happy summer!

Poison Ants - I wish I had learned about this years ago! It's cheap, easy, fast and it WORKS!

goodbye fruit flies!

the most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...

How to remove grease and stains on glassware.

Lily & Thistle: A Quick Trick for damaged wood. I can't believe how well this worked. Mix together 1/4 cup of canola/olive oil and 3/4 cup vinegar. Dip a rag in it and simply wipe.

Keep the flies away

EEEEEEEEEEEEE....perfect idea!

Easy way to clean your microwave - heat a bowl of water and white vinegar for 5 minutes, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off. Genius!!!!

How To Get Rid of Pet Stains On Carpet...soak area with vinegar...sprinkle w baking soda...wait until it dries...then vacuum. BAM! gone like magic!

Clove and lime to get rid of mosquitoes. -

Tip: How to Clean a Shower Head - A Real-Life Housewife

Green Pear Fruit Fly Trap with 3 Lures

Another pinner says: Hot Vinegar and Dawn Soap! Seriously, I saw this on Pinterest and decided to try it on my white shower tile...WOW! 1 cup of HOT Vinegar (microwave 1-2 min) and 1 cup of blue DAWN liquid soap. Shake into bottle and creates a gel that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!