• Anna D.

    Disney Princesses- if only they lived together #Tumblr #PocketPrincesses

  • Autumn LaPlante

    Funny Disney princesses its so cute <3 #cute

  • Kathy Vee

    Disney <3 // The artist is Amy Mebberson. This is her deviant art page: http://mimi-na.deviantart.com/gallery/. And here's the link to her Pocket Princess pics: https://www.facebook.com/pocketprincesses

  • Elise Glueck

    I love this blog. Pocket Princesses are SO cute and SO funny. The author is amazing!

  • Julie Oberle

    if Disney princesses hung out! funny stuff.

  • Megan

    Pocket Princess Comics so cute!

  • Kayleigh

    If Disney princesses hung out... so cute

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