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  • Frances Dixon

    beautiful people

  • Jenny Kus

    " I think that having the compassion of someone who knows your faults and still loves you is one of the best things you can have in life" -- Channing Tatum just wow. He can cook too! Not that I know from first hand experience, unfortunately..

  • Molly King

    Channing Tatum// my eye candy

  • Jill Guillette

    channing tatum. Hottest guy on earth.

  • Joani

    Channing Tatum is my pool boy

  • Amber Wilson

    #Channing #Tatum #Sexy #Celebs

  • Ibsen Veloz

    #ChanningTatum #hotguy #cuteguy #cute #hottie

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Channing Tatum----(Me: let's go baby. Where we going. I don't give a f*** cause I don't think we would make it there anyways lol. let's go. but really.

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Chris Sexy... yes he changed his last name haha

hello cam > :-) He is also my style - now if only I could get my husband to get a Tattoo like that they could be twins!! ;-) lovely!!

I don't know what this is but...I like it. Happy Easter!

If I woke up & he was sitting at my bedside telling me he was my husband, I wouldn't question it.