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The Terrarium Guide Infographic

Drawing showing the layers of rocks, charcoal, and soil in the terrarium, along with plants, and a small garden gnome.

Terrarium Construction Infographic

living room on coffee table / Haworthia (Zebra Plant) | Light: Partial to bright | Care: Water every 3-4 weeks

Make your own terrarium with this DIY.

Brighten Up Your Home With This Adorable Gumball Machine Planter - could also serve as a candy dish


Make your own succulent garden by layering sand, soil, and stone.

Indoor Gardening succulents

Succulent garden

Terrariums are popular home décor, but can be a bit pricey. For a DIY alternative, thoroughly clean and repurpose a few Bertolli® bottles by layering lava rock, charcoal, topsoil and succulents (available at your local garden shop) inside each one. Create 2-3 terrariums to put on your kitchen windowsill or an accent shelf.

Bohemian Homes: Succulent arrangement

Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

So useful right now: a visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light.

How to make a terrarium: Create a mini garden in a glass bowl- it's the ultimate small garden!

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