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Ohhhhhh I know my hearts learned its lesson, it feels so good when you start out. MY HEAD is SCREAMING! Get a Grip Girl! unless your dieing to cry your heart out OHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHH!

Megara - Hercules ( sang the song while pinning it x)

at least out loud i wont say im innnnn looovvveeeee

I Wont Say I'm In Love. Megara. Hercules. Disney Song.

Do You Think Your Nanny Goat Would Go Berzerk If We Played Hookey This Afternoon?

The one Disney princess I would be is Meg from Hercules ..I'm a tough cookie like her lol

I Can't Believe My Heart (Megara's deleted song) This is the song Megara was supposed to sing in Disney animated movie "Hercules"! But it was replaced by "I won't say (I'm in love)"! The reason is "I can't believe my heart" is a ballad and...well, Megara isn't exactly a "ballad girl"^^!

Megara - Hercules by *Maevachan on deviantART

Meg's not a Disney princess, she's kinda a Disney goddess.

I've been saying that I would play "If I Never Knew You" at my wedding since I was like, 14. It's just the most beautiful song, with and without words.