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    • Nicole Leatherman

      So, in every Disney Pixar movie, they incorporate the Pizza Planet truck (originally in Toy Story). Here are a few!

    • Cali A How

      Mind blown. Pizza planet truck in most of the Pixar movies!

    • Kelley Parks

      MIND BLOWN!!! Pizza planet truck in every disney movie!

    • Celine Lantz

      Haha Pixar pizza planet truck. Mindblown

    • Katie Meck

      The Pizza Planet truck is everywhere! And A113. (That's the room where they train the animators, I think) It appears in every PIxar movie. And the Pizza Planet truck. They're Easter eggs. Something to look for. For example, A113 was the license plate for Andy's mom's car in Toy Story 1. And the person who captured Nemo, after he touched the boat, his goggles had A113 on them. Little Pixar fact. :)

    • Ashley McQueen

      Pixar Pizza Planet Pizza Truck Easter Egg | WeKnowMemes

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    MIND. BLOWN. there's my childhood aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone!

    The Pizza Planet Truck Cameos :) Did it make an appearance in Brave? That's Pixar's first period film, so it would have been a lot trickier than the others...

    Pixar, you have blown my mind! -- I remember this truck from Toy Story 1 & 2, I liked the "Yo" on the tailgate, but never noticed it in the other movies.

    Thank you for noticing...

    that awkward moment when suzanne collins made your childhood and now life. Mind. Blown.

    This makes me ill thinking about being in this situation

    One of Pixar's darkest jokes...I need to watch it again and see if it's really there

    I watched Up with this in mind. Chad pointed out that when Carl first meets Russell, Russell is asking him if he can help him cross the road, cross the yard, cross his living room… then when he's turned down, he gets flustered, "Well, I have to help you cross SOMETHING." Yeah. Boom. Mind blown.

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