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  • Stacy Lane

    The only acceptable Duckface - Freddy Mercury Queen humor funny (and very true!)

  • Tara Ann

    The only acceptable duck face #Queen Freddie Mercury This just really made me laugh... :D

  • CptAJones

    Best Funny Stuffs

  • Rachel H.

    Freddie Mercury's duckface #funny #music #duckface

  • Brian Bishop

    TRUTH! and for you kids out there, THIS is Freddie Mercury of Queen. Sold on things called records!

  • Jessica Minshall

    Other than baby duck face.

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Freddie Mercury is a legend. He was a wayyyy better singer and songwriter than anyone today. ( in my opinion he is, you don't have to agree with it)

his face in the last panel x) rip beautiful/sensational/too-talented-for-this-world freddie meercury

~freddie mercury It is starting to feel like this! Must remained centered. ~/\/\

Freddie Mercury - he had a vocal range twice as wide as the average untrained person. And he never had any vocal training. By the way - the correct answer to "The Beatles or The Stones?" is "QUEEN!!!!!"

Freddie Mercury - in honor of Mexican Independence Day - Sept 16th - hoping that posting this doesn't constitute a hate crime. Since the original pinning I've been assured that donning a comically large sombrero in an overly campy way is OK with the locals.

"I can’t win. Love is Russian roulette for me. No one loves the real me (inside). They’re all in love with my fame, my stardom. I fall in love far too quickly and end up getting hurt all the time. I’ve got scars all over. But I can’t help myself because basically I’m a softie. I have this hard, macho shell — which I project on stage, but there’s a much softer side too, which melts like butter." - Freddie Mercury

I love Freddie so much! And he loved the kitty friends!

Freddie Mercury - freddie-mercury Photo