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Floating Ladle. The ball in the handle makes the ladle buoyant in water. A brilliant solution to a common problem.

A toothbrush that redirects water into a fountain stream to easily rinse and spit without a cup..GENIUS!

Tapi is a simple product that fits onto the faucet then when you need a fountain, simply squeeze the bottom outlet and redirect the water.

I love hiking alongside water, but its aggravating to be drinking warm backpack water with my feet in nice cold mountain stream water. something like this could make the stream water safe. Steripen Portable Water Sanitizer $120

"I use this for iPad virtual painting apps, and it is perfect as it has both the traditional stylus tip for detailed drawing and the brush tip for the smooth, natural feel very similar to painting in real life."

After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…

BOOK BANDOLIER No, this isn't a Rambo-style sling for paperbacks. The Book Bandolier ($26) is instead an adjustable leather strap that offers six loops for holding pens, pencils, and brushes, and is designed to wrap around a stack of drawing/notebooks, allowing you to travel as lightly as possible while keeping the tools you need nearby.

Water bottle that doubles as an amp for your iPhone

The Camelbak All Clear UV Purifying Water Bottle ($75) is a good thing to have in your bag: it features a UV purification system built right into the bottle that effectively neutralizes microbiological contaminants in just 60 seconds, and can treat up to 16 gallons per charge. It even sports a built-in LCD to verify when your agua is ready to drink.