This photo symbolizes the society that is in Farenheit 451. These kids represent how the people in the book could be trying to escape their society and surroundings. Their society is surrounded by a fence that nobody has attempted to climb. This is important because metaphorically they could climb the fence to freedom. This relates to birds in that birds are in a constant need to be free. In Farenheit 451 society is like birds in a cage and they need to fly.

Precious laughter

Adorable {photography} Smile and the world smiles with you. Black and White

"You're safe with me" by harold villaflor

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...pure joy ... this just makes me SMILE!


Cute baby wrap

Born in May

stair fun

Inspiration: "Little hands holding fingers are my friends." Solid greys, with bright sleeve cuff detail (Actually just a jumper inside a coat, but inspiration strikes when you're not looking :D).


Baby laughter.


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So beautiful!! Joy. #blackandwhitephotography #happychild megastar media reviews

Drinking from the hose... I can't remember if we couldn't come inside or if we simply didn't want to come inside, or maybe both... but I know we drank from the hose and liked it.