stair fun

"You're safe with me" by harold villaflor

Precious laughter

...pure joy ... this just makes me SMILE!

Existing, persisting Kids climbing over the gate. Via: y-o-y-o Source: e-x-c-r-u-c-i-u-s


Born in May

Joy, girl, kid, child, swing, happy, cute, nuttet, beauty, adorable, photograph, photo b/w.

Exhausted... But adorable! Kids can sleep anywhere!!!

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Summer, sun and strawberries!!

wild! by the little red house. i just love the way she photographs her children.

Laughter. :)

swing love.

what a smile

laughter is the same in every language:)

bubble fun

look at the joy on those beautiful faces...perspective...


I can't believe I used to do this!