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Wow, I thought I had issues.. Thanks the Aquarian in me for making me feel slightly less nuts ;)

The unpredictability comes from all those separate personalities in my head.

#229.Aquarius women usually have more male friends than female friends.Couldn't be more true:)

When an Aquarius is fed up or done iwth you, you'll notice it rather quickly by their displays of isolation, silent treatment, attitude, etc, towards you.

Omg this could put me on a rant! And nosy people who just vomit their opinions on you that you don't want!

I'm not a horoscope kind of person but I have to admit, I'm very guilty of this.

True. Just know, I will ignore you for long periods of time if you upset also depends on who you are..weeks,months,years.

Uhhh... Also, if when talking, I don't focus on the face or eyes of the person, it's likely that I'm not interested and my hearing will shut down, eyes begin to wonder looking for something else that might attract my attention and I will be oblivious of the theme that was being discussed. Sowie... ^•^

HAHAHAHA...unless you're moon sign is Aries (volatility) and your ascendant Gemini (having to share everything with everyone). Again HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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