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the leo i loved in middle school... used to kiss his poster every night before bed

Black and white portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio via GQ Australia. Photography by Craig McDean.

I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid :) and this pic reminds me how cute he is!! That smile!!!

Young he was at his finest during the Titanic days!!

Leonardo DiCaprio (I have now successfully pinned my three faves from inception in the last two minutes)

Another pinner....Jack Dawson "died" in 1912, while in his early 20's. Maybe he didn't die, maybe he just passed out and found his way to new York, changed his name to Jay Gatsby and became an eccentric millionaire. Maybe his stories of Daisy are just him remembering Rose. Gatsby was 32 in 1922. This is all a little too coincidental for me...

Leonardo it just me, or is he wearing pajamas in this picture?