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The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara: This gem was commissioned from Garrard in 1913/1914 by Queen Mary. She modeled it off of a tiara owned by her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse. Swinging pearls hang from 19 diamond arches capped with lover's knots.

Grand Duchess Vladimir's diamond circles, now owned by the British royal family. Surely one of the most iconic and beautiful tiaras. I always thought I preferred it with the pearls, but I saw a video of the Queen wearing it with the emeralds and it looked utterly amazing with the flash of vivid green amongst the diamonds.

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Manchester Tiara

Crowns and Tiaras: Cartier

Spanish Royal Jewels: The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara - 1913 by the German jeweler Koch. Currently owned by Queen Sofia of Spain given to her by her mother, Queen Frederica of Greece given to her by her mother, Princess Victoria Louise of Hanover given to her by her father Kaiser Wilhelm II on her wedding day.

The Faberge tiara with tear-drop diamonds that were presented by Alexander I of Russia to Empress Josephine ~ The story of the tiara starts from Alexander I of Russia and Joséphine, ex-wife of Napoléon. They were friends, and Alexander presented Josephine tea-drop diamonds. In 1890 Faberge used diamonds to create tiara for descendants of Josephine's son, the Duke of Leuchtenberg. After WWI tiara was inherited by Count of Flanders who bequeathed the tiara to his sister, the former queen of…