"Stone house in the forest of Denmark: When the Germans were in Denmark in World War II, they took over a man's farm. This man moved into the deep forest and made this house of stone. Around the house is a moat."

Abandoned.......haunted.......(Ruin by Flemming Beier)

Summer cottage.

I see potential in everything even those buildings that are totally destroyed. The one show on HGTV where they go house hunting internationally and show couples homes that look like they have been hit by a bomb intrigue me.

Abandoned Building in Baile Herculane - Romania

Abandoned lake house.

abandoned house ...

Grand Central’s abandoned Track 61

Old abandoned house

Denmark vintage poster

Abandoned house in Liberty, Missouri. It is said to be extremely haunted.


Wonderful Fairy Tale Cottage. Quaint stone cottage with interesting roof and nestled among trees.

The small village of Oradour-sur-Glane, France, is the setting of unspeakable horror. During World War II, 642 residents were massacred by German soldiers as punishment for the French Resistance.

Ruins of an abandoned chapel being enveloped by the forest.

Witch's cottage

Can you Imagine seeing this on a walk in the woods.. Germany

abandoned school, completely awesome @Nancy Kruse - thought of your Forgotten Beauty board when I saw this.