PVC Tapestry loom to make a purse.

Weaving begun on my pvc pipe loom from Kathy Robbins

Navajo loom

Standing Tapestry Loom

PVC pipe loom

Rainbow loom with a fork

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

Make a rug loom with PVC pipe. Weave around top/bottom and sides of PVC to keep the weaving from pulling in. When done, just take apart the PVC and slip off the rug. What a great idea from Pink In Mind.

All-N-One Loom


Making a Hairpin Lace Loom

Pulled thread. I learned these techniques from my grandma!

DIY Copper Pipe Tablet Holder

building a 4 shaft pvc loom | Making your own loom | Weavolution

Clipboard loom

How to make a loom, and then use it to weave a 4-count fabric DIY - Craft Project

how to build this loom!

Toothpick tapestries for the tree by swg-sale, via Flickr

Totally making a tipi like this for my kids one day. best place to play or hide out with a book EVER!!