I wish I could do that when I get married but I don't know where my dad is! So my Bucket list would to have my grandfather walk me down the isle and have grandfather-granddaughter dance!!!!


before i die...

Bucket List

bucket list bucket list!!

DONE! Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a little girl! After two Boys- I had given up on the dream! Two years later- a surprise pregnancy brought me the girl o my dreams! We are all in love with her! The missing piece in our puzzle! We are complete! We are so blessed!

i love nemo :)

some day <3

Mama and Michael <3

bucket list bucket list

Done <3 9-1-90

Bucket List

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Glitter instead of rice. So going to see this at my best friends future wedding!!!

It's cliche, but it's cute. <3

bucket list

Bucket list, before i die ♥soon <3


Bucket list.

Bucket list: own a pair of louboutins