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Even animals enjoy a flower or two to brighten up a day.

LOVE THIS! MY FAVORITE ANIMAL EVER!!! An 8-year-old boy in Austria has made friends with a local colony of marmots.

280 pound stingray in Argentina



Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds in Your Hand | Birds & Blooms



haha, teamwork!

'A True friend.' Frogs hanging out photographed by wildlife photographer Yusri Harisandi. via naturaleza

~~Let's Swing Together My Friend | frogs by Ellena Susanti~~

On the other hand...

Calote Lizard otherwise known as the Oriental Garden Lizard

Mangrove Snake.

A very thristy ant standing on water, getting a drink is an amazing photo.

Dude, I can almost reach you! You can't deny, there are not many cooler-looking critters than baby chameleons. I would like one that stays this size forever, hangs out on my shoulder all day, and does something cool like controlling electronic devices and traffic lights with its mind. Don't ask me why, it would just be cool.

technicolor lizards - I want one of each. i am totally in love with bearded dragons of all kinds.