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love this! Hope I find that man someday~~

Favorite quote from Wuthering Heights. Love love love this book. Did I mention I love this book?

I love love love this! It WILL BE somewhere come my wedding day!

from "Wuthering Heights".Kathy about Heathcliff.beautiful book and movie (the one with Merle Oberon). I once named a fish Heathcliff because of this book.

Find out what were about.

(johnny cash,june carter,love,paradise,coffee) im crying this is way to cute. i want a love like Johnny and June


♡ "I promise to plant kisses like seeds on your body, so at some time you can grow to love yourself as I love you.


I saw this man on the Metro this past Monday, and asked him who the flowers were for. They were for his wife. They& been married for 47 years. Every Monday, he brings her home flowers after work. My heart died at that moment. this old man. so cute!


So true! You are the most beautiful the moment my eyes open to you in the morning!

See, when you say it that way it sounds like fun...

"Marriage is getting to have a sleep over with your best friend, every single night of the week." I cant wait to find my best friend & marry HIM!

Everything carries me to you. As if everything that exists, aromas, lights, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.

"everything carries me to you. as if everything that exists, aromas, lights, metals were little boats that sail toward those isles fo yours that wait for me" -Pablo Neruda


Sun and moon. I have always thought of us this way.you the sun, the golden brilliant day. Me, the moon, the silver night. I love you, sister.

The Form of Beauty LOVE

Scott Fitzgerald Love Quote Made On Typewriter also he wrote the great Gatsby I thought he fell in love with all these things. My courage, my self respect, but in the end, he only tried to break me of the.