• Kelly Russell

    super cute football blanket idea! Though obviously minus the gross Texas print.

  • Lou Wubker

    Baby stuff

  • Alicia Wendt

    super cute football baby blanket gift idea... Someone please make this for me when I have a baby boy some day! :)

  • Brianna C

    but NOT Texas. OU! super cute football baby blanket gift idea. - how stinking cute would this be for the kids to eat on during games???

  • Alicia Fields

    super cute football baby blanket idea, def need to get rid of Texas and replace with Razorbacks

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super cute football baby blanket idea

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It was sooo simple.  And I am pretty sure your pre-teen, your teen, and maybe even you will think it's fun to wear. Cut the inseam from a pair of old jeans... Take a piece long enough to wrap two-and-a-half  times around your wrist.  I have a large wrist; mine was 18".  Now thread some heavy hardware store wire through it, like so: That job is the boring part; it doesn't always want to glide right through and you will probably have to coax it along.  Leave an inch or so sticking out both ends. Thread a cute bead onto either end... Then secure it by making a loop with the remaining wire end.  A plain loop is fine, or you can fancy it up with one of these swirly deals: You could also glue the beads on, then trim the excess wire.  To shape your bracelet, wrap the whole thing around a jar... And wear your jeans!  You can wear it loosey-goosey, like a bangle: Or a little bit tighter, by forming it around your wrist. These are infinitely adjustable, and will fit anyone.  Change up the number of beads, the style and color... However you finish off your cuff, you will end up with a sweet and funky look that's truly easy to wear.  There's nothing more comfortable than an old pair of jeans.  I picture this white version paired with a crisp white shirt, for some casual chic

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