Vintage ads for men's underwear Vintage advertising for women's underthings is amusing. Vintage ads for men's underwear is downright hysterical.

The science is in: self denial is unhealthy and, now, also unnecessary. Fire 'em up. TERRIFYING and Funny Vintage Advertising.

I can't quit him

vintage canon towel ad gay | Towel_ad

: O

Arc'teryx Veilance Waterproof Field Jacket

office love


"Make your home Gaytop gay."

Smile we're busted.

Creepy snack-head woman. Vintage ad found at Roadside Pictures:



sally's gay with midol!

Pepsi 1950s ad

Vintage men's underwear ad ( I feel the need to have someone in my life whose nickname could be Happy-Pants Pappy. Any volunteers?)

men's fashion during the 80's changed tremendously. from three piece suits to casual suits like the picture above. Men started wearing loose pants made from soft loose fabric and long folded sleeve shirts.

vintage milk ad

Homely women ad....goodness??

Nunn Bush Men’s Knee-High Lace-Up Boots, 1971 advertisement. These adverts make me realise why my Mum's male friends (aged 50-60) wear these odd combover styles and funny shoes.