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Robert, Duke of Normandy, nicknamed Curthose for the shortness of his legs

Tomb effigy of Robert Curthose (1054 - 1134), son of William the Conqueror, in Gloucester cathedral. Eldest son of William I & Matilda of Flanders. Robert and his father did not get along leading William to want to disinherit Robert. He gave Robert the Duchy of Normandy & gave England to his second son, William Rufus.

William the Conqueror | King William I ( reigned 1066 1087 ) . William , Duke of Normandy was ...

Jean sans Terre (1167-1216), roi d'Angleterre (1199-1216), dont le règne fut marqué par la signature de la Grande Charte. Né à Oxford, il était le fils du roi Henri II et d'Aliénor d'Aquitaine. Avec le soutien du roi de France Philippe II Auguste, Jean et son frère Richard se révoltèrent contre leur père en 1189. Cette même année, la mort d'Henri II permit à Richard Ier Cœur de Lion de monter sur le trône.

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Robert II, Duke of Normandy (c1000-1035)

Robert, first Duke of Normandy, and father of William the Conqueror. Robert was a direct descendant of the Viking who "founded" Normandy. Interesting that Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king, was threatened in the north by a Viking army and in the south by William the Conqueror's invasion force. So he was actually fighting to retain the throne the England against two separate Viking groups.

William the Conqueror William was born in around 1028, in Falaise, Normandy. William was duke of Normandy and, as William I, the first Norman king of England. He defeated and killed the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, King Harold II, at the Battle of Hastings. He was known as 'William the Bastard' to his contemporaries.

King William II (reigned 1087-1100). The third son of William I of England. He had powers over Normandy and influence in Scotland. He was less successful in extending control into Wales. William is commonly known as William Rufus, perhaps because of his red-faced appearance.

Tomb of William the Conqueror in Abbaye-aux-Hommes, in Caen, Normandy. William I, also known as William the Conqueror (Guillaume le Conqu�rant), was the first Norman King of England from Christmas 1066 until his death. He was also Duke of Normandy from 3 July 1035 until his death, under the name William II.

Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror and mother of Henry I, the first woman to be crowned Queen of England, was born in 1031. Her father, Baldwin V, was the Count of Flanders, and her mother Adela, was a daughter Robert II the Pious Capet, King of France. Statue is located in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France. 27th GG mother William "the conqueror" was in my family tree...