dust fairies & darwin: area math game

Island Conquer math game freebie - combines area and perimeter practice with coordinate graphing skills.

perimeter and area game; roll dice and race to cover the most board

area and perimeter

multiplication color by number (lots of varieties) This is an online activity that would be great for early finishers, or for kids who need extra math practice!!

#Multiplication War! Fun math game that only requires a deck of cards. Can also be done with #addition and #subtraction #math

Area people.

AWESOME Math PROJECT! area of irregular shapes project. Create your own floor plan. Costs of Flooring: tile, vinyl, etc

Using LEGOs to teach Math! Love this use of manipulatives! Plus, the kids will think they are playing a game.

comparing fractions worksheets -- 3rd grade #math #school make pictures blank shapes for older remediation

This activity allows the students to be creative and also shows how to calculate area. They can make their house as big or little as the want, as long as the can find the area of the house when its finished.

Math Routine to begin class.

Math mistakes in advertising! I'm using these photos next year for a fun intro fifth grade math lesson. These are hilarious!

Math Boggle game using both addition and subtraction. I want to take this idea and make my own sheet. Encourage 3 addend addition. Maybe have categories to write found equations in. Put an area at the bottom to draw talley marks to show how many equations were found in all.

Great visual for perimeter and area! It really shows the meaning of these academic terms.

Find the area using cheezits! Great way to keep kids engaged.

maaltafels - ping pong balletjes

Love to Learn: Math Games!