Jewelry bench

Another view of a great jewelers bench. The potted plants need to go.

workbench lighting

Art nouveau

This is just the coolest jewelers bench!! See you can do a lot in a small space. If it rotated and you could lock it in place, it would be even more cool. ja



Beaded Art Jewelry Studio via Flickr -


101 Bench Tips By Alan Revere

Small, but very nice bench.

Love the look and it's FREE! Just a slice of a tree with multiple holes drilled in deep enough to hold items. Good way to organize paint brushes and another for fancy pens and colored pencils.

Rule of thumb guides best workbench height. Good to know.

AW Extra 7/5/12 - Bench Dog Light - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker

Jewelry Benches

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Jeweler's Bench