Sophie Anderson (1823-1903)

Sophie Anderson - Love in a Mist

sophie anderson

Sophie Anderson | 1823-1903 | French-born English

Tang Wei Min

by Tatyana Chuvasheva

Kelly Vivanco

feeding the chickens...

sophie andersen paintings | Sophie Gengembre Anderson - Daisy by Sophie Anderson | Painting

Lady of Shallot - j w waterhouse paintings - Google Search

laoy: my-ear-trumpet: noonesnemesis: By Konstantin Razumov Le rouge à lèvre by Constantin Razumov // // ]]>

Iman Maleki 1976 | Iranian Realist painter

"Love Flight" - Leonid Afremov #Art #Painting

Konstantin Razumov

Lance Johnson Paintings

~ Mikhail & Inessa Garmash

Salomé, Paul Antoine de La Boulaye. (1849 – 1926), detail

Karl Gussow, Sound of the Sea

Moms haven't changed. We want them to explore from a safe distance! Beautiful painting! William Kay Blacklock (1872-1922) British Painter ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

The Confinement, Henry-Jules-Jean Geoffroy. French (1853 - 1924)