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India: In this video, Dipika instructs children in how to prepare and use Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS). This is a simple combination of sugar and salts that can save a child's life when she is stricken with life-threatening diarrhea. One advantage to ORS is that families can make this inexpensive but highly effective treatment at home.

In Kolkata, India, YHC Peer Educators Dipika and Sonia demonstrate proper hand-washing technique.

We all know how important it is to go to the eye doctor (despite that dang air puff test!), but for families in poverty, it’s just not always possible to go. So it was no surprise when kids and their parents in Guadalajara, Mexico, were thrilled that the eye doctor came to them at their community center!

Teenage girls from Kolkata, India, attend an interactive health workshop led by CI's Youth Health Corps members.

Game On!: Check out the action and see how Game On! and sports are being used by underprivileged children and their families to change their communities for the better.

Water is extremely scarce where 12-year-old Dick lives in Zambia. Families often find the communal taps dry…and all the water gone…meaning they must find safe and sanitary ways to store water when they can find it. That’s why he was so thankful for his sponsor’s Special Hug Gift of a 50L water bucket.

A sponsored youth carries a placard in support of safe drinking water and sanitation habits during an International Youth Day rally in #Kolkata, India.

Twelve-year-old Georgina from Manila, Philippines, sings her favorite YHC song, instructing children in how to be happy and healthy.

Soap + water = Lives saved CI kids learn that handwashing can help prevent diarrhea and pneumonia, two of the leading causes of death in children around the world.

Children International staff in Manila, Philippines, tests a sponsored child for tuberculosis. Last year the Philippines had over 200,000 cases of tuberculosis, according to a WHO report. Children International works hard to identify cases of TB in our communities and ensure proper treatment for those stricken with the disease.