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I love this pose, but I wouldn't be in Dressage gear. ;) I really, really love this though.

ha ha! it's true! But they're not afraid of ghosts - not even the one's we carry with us. And that's what counts.

yep, I think that about covers it all...except change husband to dad:)

Too funny! ... The top right is also very accurate for what I really do

and TIMING too! I agree Olivia, the execution of choreographed gracefullness of a ballerina as a youngster was awkward for me too. As an artist, designer, snow skier & dancer, all disciplines learned as an equestrian are why I am sucessful today. Keep up the great work...I'll be following you! (-;

Equestrian Interpretations - 3

Cold mornings, long days, and tedious care for our companions this is my life

Can we just talk about these breeches and tall boots she has on right now? And can we see who will buy them for me? I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE OUTFIT

I cannot wait until the day I am lucky enough to have my very own (rescue horse of course)

I should make another board and title it "fantasy scenarios," which is where this would go.

In my opinion, every person who aspires to the title of "equestrian" should have to master the art of riding without stirrups.

DSC_2597 by MNJSports, via Flickr