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    Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World Daniel Cronk (totally made me think of your Beowulf interpretive dance lol)

    Boy meets world. Love this show so much!

    This is one of my all-time favorite Morgan moments. She needs to ask Mommy for their address to complete her 911 call. #boymeetsworld

    Mr. Feeny and Eric... from boston just like John Adams, William Daniels' role in the broadway and movie musical 1776. Who doesn't wanna see a young Feeny sing about the history he teaches later?

    boy meets world angela's men.....my favorite episode :)

    Classic. This guy was the reason I wanted long hair, and to change my name to Duncan (My Date With The Pres. Daughter).

    I always loved that Shaun took their break-up harder than anyone else. My all time fav episode! Who killed Kenney?! Lol

    Eric was the best part of Boy Meets World Lol my boyfriend & I always tell each other useless facts about each other just incase this ever happens

    LOVE this show. I'm 24 and I literally can't wait for the premier of Girl Meets World on Disney lol