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Her project, using PET, a recyclable plastic, illuminates the growing problem of plastic polluting the oceans. The lights are an example of how delicate and beautiful the ocean life is. The use of plastic in such a way shows a middle ground in the ways technologies are used as PET is not a disposable item, but it is made of materials that can be separated for recycling, as opposed to hybrid materials which cannot be recycled Medusea Collection by Roxy Russell

Combine Your Lamps into Any Tetris like Structure |

Pour Me Some Light - Human actions play such a significant role in design; it’s either evident in the form or in the function. In the Pouring Light, the action is evident in the form and is delightfully executed as well! With the motive of giving off “an emotional flow of light”, the lights linger on with a mesmerizing effect thanks to the use of phosphorescence in the “water” part.

Roue de hamster gonflable pour piscine

•Super Fun, Safe Hamster-like wheel for kids that floats on water •Easy to inflate and deflate •Sturdy I-Beam Construction with Rainbow Strings •Repair patch for extended life included in case something happens •Size - x