Perfect under an oak tree

shade ideas for yards | The color scheme flows into the front yard too. Since the house sits ...

Create a knockout yard with these simple strategies.- lovely layers of shade plants & simple path

12 great foliage plants for shady areas - go through slide show to find out what will grow where, there are subs suggested

This homeowner has mixed different colored heuchera and hostas in a way that I haven t quite seen before. Though there isn't that much in flower, it is still colorful.


Hosta Bed. This would be perfect around my tree in the backyard that is in the shade and is either very wet or very dry. It's hard to figure out what, aside from hostas and trees thrives back there.....sigh...

Liriope for shade gardens

dry shade garden under evergreens

Hostas around trees | And hostas around my 2 backyard trees. There's 3 varieties around the ...

Shade Gardens

shade gardens

Heucheras, the "new hostas" for shady spots, more colorful

Ferns + hostas = glamorous shady spot.

SHADE PLANTS 1."Rosebud" azalea 2."Aureomarginata" Hosta 3.River Birch 4. Chinese Ginger 5. "Eternal Flame" Hosta 6. Epimedium 7. "Cinnamon Sticks" Hosta 8. "Little Honey" Hydrangea 9. "Choo Choo Train" Hosta 10. Erythrocladium Striped Maple 11. Sundowner Phormium 12. Yellow Wave Phormium 13. "Blue Shadow" Hosta

Lime Ruffles Heuchera. Zone 5. Shade plant. Lime foliage can add excellent curb appeal to your garden!

Jumbo Waterwise Garden from High Country Gardens... the garden collection are *3 plants each* of: , Salvia, Achillea, Nepeta, Coreopsis, *4 plants* of Centranthus, and *2 plants* of Artemisia. Note that this garden will perform best in morning sun/pm shade in hot desert climates."

More amazing! Heuchera mixed with ferns. The fact that heuchera is an evergreen is just so appealing for year round color!

Best Plants Under Big Trees: most of my yard is shady, this could be very helpful.

Hostas are a topnotch groundcover for shady areas. Plant them on a tough-to-mow hillside to create a lovely, carefree garden bed. If you have a steep slope that water runs down so quickly the soil can't absorb moisture, try breaking up the hill with rocks or other barriers. It will slow the flow of water.