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Karen Valentine - Room 222

Image Search Results for vintage candy bars

Libby's Ad/60s

Car Radios

what diaper bags used to look like

pap did this for me to all the coal trucks.

Bobby Sherman and his choker! :)

Crocheted vests

Gerber Baby Cereal

pole lamp.. in the living room vintage retro

1970s Tupperware...We had this exact set

Crazy Foam! You sprayed it out while you were in the bath tub.

Pixie Sticks....penny candy

Sewing the 60s ~ Dressing the Decade. A study on 60s sewing patterns, year by year.

1970s with those jeans shorts.

Retro TV shows: Memories of the '60s and '70s

TV shows

I didn't know they lasted 23 minutes but I loved the watermelon ones!

70's Made this dress!



Remember stick pins?

Norelco Santa - I loved this commercial! You knew it was Christmas when this aired. It was always on during Rudolph

holloway slo-poke.....if you bit down on this you were sure to lose a filling