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    MoonLitAshes~ Sit For a Spell Magick Services White, Dark, Grey, & Voodoo Spell Casting Services~ Spirit Conjurations~ Enchanted Mojos, Charms, & Amulets~ Empowered Haunted Jewelry~

    GET OUT OF DEBT white magick Spell~ Pure Spell Cast For You


    KNOW THE TRUTH white magick Spell~ Pure Spell Cast For You

    Remove Negativity Improve Life Grey Magick Spell~best of white & dark magick

    gothic moon.

    Haunted Bracelet Ladies Amulet for Beauty Power Youth Wealth Abundance GREAT life

    Ultimate Aura Cleansing & Protection Ring

    White Magick Spirit Conjuring~dragon or angel. Choose between a dragon conjuration or an angel conjuration.

    Vampire Beauty or Weight Loss Dark Magick Spell MANY OPTIONS very strong ancient candle shipped

    Haunted Vampire Servitor Custom Conjuration & Binding choose ring or stone OPTIONS

    Haunted Wiccan Stones Protection, Wealth, or Astral Travel OPTIONS

    Voodoo Gambling or Money Maker MANY OPTIONS Extreme haunted Magick Spell stone shipped.MoonlitAshes

    Spirit Trait Stones~choose the spirit you wish to be like. Spirit Trait Stones are a great way to have the desirable traits of a chosen spirit absorbed into your energy. You are not "becoming" the spirit, but you will have many aspects of their nature and wonderful gifts bestowed upon you.You may choose which type of traits you desire us to cast on the stones for you.

    Voodoo Magick This is a special type of magick that is practiced in many places all over the world and is a very unique religion with special rituals. Many people confuse this with evil, but it is simply a religion that contacts the other side to have their needs met, through spirits called loas.

    "Custom conjuration and binding. Perhaps you want a spirit with special attributes, or with a certain personality....this is where custom conjurations make the most difference in a keeper's life. Custom conjurations provide you with the most powerful, and compatible spirit possible." MoonlitAshes

    Grey Magick This is a unique type of magick that is becoming quite popular. Although it is as old as time itself, many casters do not cast grey magick. It is a combination of white and dark magick spells, it creates immensely powerful energy, more than either type alone. This is cast by Master Freland and myself, simultaneously.

    Haunted Recharging Bag or Stone Recharges jewelry spells charms restores items to new power

    Voodoo Mother of ALL Revenge haunted Magick Spell tumbled stone shipped

    Voodoo Control Others Control Your Life Get Yours haunted Magick Spell tumbled stone shipped -MoonlitAshes

    Haunted Spirit Offering Bag~custom for any spirit Vampire Demon Angel Fae Djinn

    Dark Magick This is a type of magick that many are either afraid of or drawn to, depending on your outlook. Many people confuse this with evil and megativity, but tthis is 100% safe when cast for positive reasons. As long as your intent is good, the dark magick will provide great force with complete safety. These spells are cast by Master Freland.

    Ultimate Lovers Voodoo Oil~Powerful Haunted Oil for All Love Desires

    Haunted Extreme Emergency Level 1 X 7 Spell~custom cast for only one~week long

    Super Charged $$ Money Cash Wealth Charm~clear crystals for supernatural power $25