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  • Ellen Kaid

    "Amazing Old Tree in South Africa" - not. This is actually the Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World, Orlando FL. (see here:

  • Brandy Vailes

    Amazing Tree Houses | AMAZING TREE IN SOUTH AFRICA | Lucien's House----- you're an idiot. This is the Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom of Disney World in Florida.

  • Deborah J Dean

    Look at all the animals carved into this tree trunk.

  • Alyson Forster

    Tree of Life, Animal Kingdom, DisneyWorld

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Sortof really excited for this year to be my first white christmas (if the weather cooperates!) ♥


trees, Chadegan, Isfahan, Iran (My parents walked this very road; it is the exact place where they first met) (ITS AMAZING!)

tree twining~~"They are beautiful in their peace; they are wise in their silence. They will stand after we are dust. They teach us, and we tend them." -- Galeain ip - Altiem MacDunelmor

Existem lugares com pouquíssimas atrações turísticas , mas por um detalhe que vemos , valeu ter ido lá.

Horror in your eyes....Did I scare you, an old olive tree? Taken in Central Cyprus.

not sure this tree ever had snowy branches...but i love this poem anyway!! : A tree whose hungry mouth is prest, against the earth's sweet flowing breast. A tree that looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray. A tree that may in summer wear a nest of robin's in her hair. Upon whose bosom snow has lain and intimately lives with rain... ~ Joyce Kilmer

i wish i was rich enough just so i could enough land to have a driveway like this! i can dream anyway.

Atmospherics, Volumetrics and Fog used as refrence for computer generated images, renderings and compositing. Visit my Online Portfolio here -> Please Re-pin, Like, Comment or Follow! #TommyAndersson #Atmospherics

Magic Kingdom - Disney World - Florida. Looking forward to our trip. Can't wait.