So doing this :)

Big Band Drinking Game

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, shall we play?!?

Gilmore girls Drinking game: I'm going home and doing this

Fifty Shades of Grey

Big bang theory, hilarious!! @Mir Murray

Sheldon Cooper Quotes

Big Bang Theory!

I love these quotes from The Big Bang Theory are too funny. funny-stuff-on-pinterest

To Do List!

I can not un-see this...SO TRUE

rules to New Girl's "True American" drinking game -I've read so many articles describing the game and am still confused...but I would play in a heartbeat!


33 safe and funny pranks

OMG, I need to print these :D

Lines to remember lol

Big Bang Theory amazingness

@Laura Bergen @Drea Gallagher

The Big Bang Theory :)

Best ever

So true! The only unexpected guests I ever get are Jehovah Witnesses. Answered the door butt naked once tho and they pretty much leave me alone now.