The Arctic Monkeys | Normally, I feel like I have been told that text should not distract from content. However, for the sake of an album, the text is a large percentage of the content. The name of the band is equally as important as the cover design. The text in this image is emphasized because it is red and the image is black and white.

alice is wonderful


Female dressed in black jacket, black hair and darkened background.

Edouard Boubat - Lella, 1947

She got very good at braiding, hoping to draw attention away from them, but after awhile she just incorporated them into the weave -- Character inspiration

all eyes on you

Tomorrow's agenda? Moving mountains. 💪🌵✌️#bohemian #movemountains #qotd #bohemianbones #daisies #freespirit #queenbee #dream #festivalstyle

"Love is like a cigarette. First, you start because it's interesting and you're curious But then as you keep going, it's too strong and it kinda hurts After you get used to it, if it isn't there, you get scared and anxious Finally, the fire starts to go away and all you have left is regrets.

messy hair, smoke, eyes, black and white, photography

Smoke & Mirrors


lips | teeth | smoke | cigarette | smoke | eyes | shut | sexy | https://www.republicofyou... Read More : more info watch here :


girl lady flowers flower bath water

daniel lehenbauer | freckles | smoke | smoking | beauty | reflecting | thinking |

I have no desire WHATSOEVER to smoke, I am not and never will be a smoker. But I have to admit this is a cool picture.

hidden in flowers .

TWINS (Mary Ellen Mark)