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    Olivia O’Driscoll by Kate Edwards | flowers | floral headdress | smoke | puff | exhale | corner | great photograph | pretty | relaxed | black & white | roses and cigarettes

    alice is wonderful

    Any girl trying to rest on their commute knows the importance of big, floppy hats.

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    "Love is like a cigarette. First, you start because it's interesting and you're curious But then as you keep going, it's too strong and it kinda hurts After you get used to it, if it isn't there, you get scared and anxious Finally, the fire starts to go away and all you have left is regrets.

    OKAY okay, what about TREE FOREST wallpaper /!?!! (photo by Bettina Lewin- found on Dive In tumblr)

    Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira

    ann hamilton

    Portraits for Eva Minaeva

    “Beauty lies in the eyes of the camera-holder”. This post gives you 50 inspirational examples of emotional portrait photography. Enjoy!

    Not a practical outfit, granted, not even a modest one for wear. But from an aesthetic POV, I see a very lovely painting.

    Untitled by Daria #photography #books #reading

    Jared Zillig

    "Susie Smoking" - Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 1988-99. Photo by Nick Knight. Original in colour. °

    flower crown


    Cecilia S. (Stockholmsgruppen) Photography by Anton Östlund. Do a diptych with couples, showing just their collar bones/lower face.


    E-cigarette, vapor cigarette