Coolest. Hairdryer. E V E R.

The 357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer by Jerdon industries 1981


Magnum hair dryer. Yes, plz.

Love this color

Having a bad hair day. Vintage pink gun hairdryer.. $345.00, via Etsy. not a gun but SOOOO cool

Spray on damp hair. Air dry for soft waves or defined curls. Blow dry for smooth touch.

Bedazzled gun.....that's just so wrong!

Love these shades! Use Igora Royal PEARLESCENCE Hair color to achive this stunning look! - For Jordan

Actually works. The cans get hot with a blow dryer. Talk about recycling :)...... hilarious!

100 random facts about HAIR. pin now, read later

this for the 4th next summer. haha

Beachy waves

Hands down best pin EVER!

20 DIY Beauty Tips: Vaseline Uses 1) Make your eyelashes grow 2) Make your scent stay 3) Hide split ends 4) to keep unwanted nail polish off your skin while painting your nails!this might be the best thing i ever pinned


Coolest EVER!!

A mace sprayer shaped like an adorable pink gun! I need this!!!

love the eye makeup too

Hair chalk