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more of a reminder to myself- every year I go to certain stores that have a christmas tree up with requests from either poor children or lonely elderly people, and buy at least 2 different people gifts. I really believe no one should feel alone on Christmas, and this way it helps brighten someones day, and helps make their holiday a little brighter

CHECK! I didnt want anything this year. I wanted my husband & kids wishes to come true && I made it happen! =)

...with snow ...including window shopping ...and ice skating in MSG ...with my sweetie

since we have lived in our current home, we have planted pine trees, maple trees, replanted a walnut tree that started from shell a bird dropped, a couple of lilacs, plum, and various bushes around our small quarter acre property.

Bucket list -- hang stockings for my kids, my spouse, and me

Simple enough. I've even had a boyfriend for about 5 Christmas seasons and it still hasn't happened.

Make Christmas dinner for my entire family - if I could just get them all in the same place at the same time!

bucket list (don't really care much for the implied lesbianism in the picture [maybe just one of those girly looking guys?], but I love the words♥)

I would love and hate this. I love London but on christmas I belong with my family!

This year!! Gotta have some simple ones - I think we'll plan a fun feast for this too -