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...learn about and try out screen printing.

Make milk carton butterflies

PAPIER MACHE BRACELETS - a really quick and simple craft to pull out of the bag on rainy days, girlie playdates or craft parties. All you need is a cereal box, some newspaper or left over wrapping paper, pva and some bright and contrasting paint to finish. Hop on over to for the stage pics and instructions on how to make. Enjoy :) #kidscraft #papiermache #papercraft #recycledcraft #craftforkids #craft

wow, diy woven paper spheres

Learning to tie shoelaces is also a fine motor skill. To make it a little easier to see what you-re doing, get white laces and dye half of the lace in a different color to create a color contrast.

Looks like you and your sweet little girls would makem @Red Ted Art this looks just like your dolls in combo with @Anna @ The Imagination Tree cute suitcases!

...make some of these lovely snowflakes

...make Custom Boys T-Shirts

Clothes peg star

Oooh I wonder if this really works.. can't wait to give it a try. COOL!!!! :-)

... do this paper alphabet with the kids!

... crochet these adorable owls!

recycle your old DVD cases into coloring cases Car trips, waiting rooms, restaurants. Brilliant for children.

I love these placemats using fabric scraps- perfect for a sewing project to do with kids.

I simple adore these upcycled dragons. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

...more Hama Bead goodness.

...reasons to love Hama Beads. ADORE!

I did these as a child and can't wait to teach mine when they are a little older.

...make our gingerbread house from scratch!

..make these charming friends.

... cute Macrame

...curious if this works! DIY homemade porcelain. Would be fun for handprints, jewlery, and figure making.

.,..make these with the kids, a great "1st Knitting Project".

Thumbprint tree - with salt dough & a christmas tree cookie cutter

Love Bird Polymer Clay Beads