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  • Andrea Dupart

    This made me laugh so hard. @Jennie Lester Dalton I'm so sorry!!! It's so funny!!!

  • Ashley Lipson

    If my guinea pig could talk...

  • Sunny Canada

    So funny bunnies can be violent when they see carrots apparently by judging the pic

  • Todd Powers

    Funny to me, maybe not so funny to you?!? 7 Super Excited "Ermahgerd" Animals - BuzzFeed Mobile

  • maddie palmquist

    Ermagerd Bunny // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

  • Reva Blick

    This made me laugh so #funny commercial ads #commercial ads #funny commercial #interesting ads

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Playing dead. You made him cry

OMGSH! I about snorted out loud when I saw this! Priceless!!!!!!

I don't know where this trend originally came from or what it is mocking, but I flipping love that first one so much.

I could listen to Amber Christine say this a thousand times and it'd still be funny. ERMAGERD.

Ermagherd...Hermbergler Herpler

Ermahgerd, check out this funny music video entirely in Lisped.


I don't even know what this is or why it's so funny but I'm geeking out

They search WHAT?? Funny search terms (and funnier responses) that brought people to my blog.

Ermahgerd...MMMERRRR! in all honesty, it took me FOREVER to figure out how to read these Ermahgerd (OMG) things, and once I figured it out, I couldn't stop looking for them. haha they are so funny.