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Meerkat Alexander or Cube's web developer George Icanu?

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When I was 18 years old, I ended up in Urgent Care because every time I ate, I got sick. I dropped a lot of weight in a very short period of time. After several tests for bacteria and parasites, the doctors found that I was severely allergic to.

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‘Dogscaping’ Your Backyard is Easier Than You Think. Chances are, you may have been “dogscaping” your backyard for quite a while – and didn’t even realize you were on the forefront of a hot new trend.

25 Animals Close-Up With A Wide-Angle

25 Animals Close-Up With A Wide-Angle Lens

cute little criminal. my dog would have been eating that basket.


Time out: For attacking the vacuum cleaner. Haha, a time out basket for the dog! Shelby would have a fit and I think Dixie would just take a nap and enjoy laying in it!

Meerkat [Sergei - Head of IT]

Meerkat [Sergei - Head of IT]

big dog:how are things down there? little dog:good! big dog:things up here are good too. little dog:at least you can see out the window! big dog:well you can.i got nothin.