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Would love to do this. But with words which aren't meant to inspire. Like aardvark and velociraptor. In the bathroom.

Mario Bros themed room… They get the best parent award!! How freakin awesome is this room?!

There's something about this space that I love...

Love the squares! Not sure if I could do it though! My paint would be all over the place!

Nothing beats a pair of X stools. Try our tufted Zia stools in your own chic living room.

So much room for activities... but little, individual reading/working nooks (for a tea house or library...) -- or just a space to crash/decompress/work in a different position.

I would do laundry every day in this laundryroom! But I still would complain about folding socks...

scrabble wall! This would be BEYOND fun in a playroom!!! I could see all the adults wanting to play too!

Backyard Scrabble! I'll have to put a baby gate around it though to keep the crawler from eating the letters...