Large stretchy book covers as chair it!!!!

I use stretchy book covers to hold whiteboards, a black sock (eraser), and a marker. Don't put too much in the pocket or it will stretch. Love the black sock idea.

share chair! So cute!! I wonder if I can borrow a chair from Kindergarten to do this?haha

REWARD- I love this idea of rewarding the students with a "rock star status" chair. This chair will give the young students incentive to have good behavior.

This website contains great organizational tips for the classroom.  I love the idea of seating with storage using crates and organizing crayons and scrap paper by color.  This will keep my future classroom from getting cluttered so easily.  It also has some great ideas for new student folder and for birthdays.  I love the different buckets for all the different markers you use throughout the day.

I love thos milk carts! AMAZING class ideas for organization. There's an idea to keep a new student bag of essential forms to have prepared and SO much more!

Redecorating your boring chair and those cute crate seats! Can't wait to get started!

First Grade Fever!: My "Trash to Treasure" Project Recover an old school chair with new fabric for an updated and stylish look! Create crate seats for your students with coordinating fabrics.

Love the color coding of groups-centers

"Great for student desk clusters. {image only} Storage bins for student supplies in each area instead of locating them in one congested area. great for classroom flow during activities!" -- If only I had the room for this!

LOADS of FREE printables - Binder covers, posters, class lists. Wow! @ in-the-cornerin-the-corner

LOADS of FREE printables - Binder covers, posters, class lists. @ in-the-cornerin-the-corner

Last 20 days of school, each balloon has a special activity. Everyday you pop one balloon to find out what it is! (ex. sit wherever you want for the day, picnic lunch outside, paint outside, sidewalk chalk messages to the neighborhood, make a card for next year's students, work with no shoes, listen to music during a subject)

What a fun idea for the last 20 days of school: Each balloon has a special activity. You pop one balloon each day to find out the special activity for the day. sit wherever you want for the day)