Adding memories throughout the year and then reading them on New Year's Eve.

New Student Packets - this teacher makes 5 extra of everything at the beginning of the school year so that when a new student comes midyear, she has a name tag, beginning of the year info, labels for folders/journals, etc. for the student. Good planning!

We can probably do yellow glowsticks. I've done this before , never in a mason jar but it's amazing! Trust! @cortezverenice

Months of the year (cut out the months, put them in order and write them on the lines)

Keep a jar for each year, write down happy memories throughout the year and read on New Year's Eve.

Falling Into First: First Year Teacher Tips - One of the best lists I've seen! Read the comments too!

dreams in a jar

I haven't got a classroom of my own yet, so I hope to be needing these resources sooner than later!

A daily grateful memory Jar.. I am doing this in 2014!!!!!

One year old, with baby picture from the hospital. This would be a good idea to take a picture of every year with the previous year's picture as the one they're holding!

Perfect! Year of dates (: adorable!

Ways to learn kids writing letters

Aluminum foil covered paint pan. Toss foil when finished.

Amazing advice and encouragement for new teachers, from teachers who care!

Money pot for the $5 Challenge

20 Things to Start Doing by Tips for a Healthy Life! #Healthy_Life

Make a "candle-jar" for your emergency supplies!

Shows students exactly what being a good listener means.

Another pinner said: I wish I had seen this years ago!! Tape before caulking. Smooth out with finger. Then peel off the tape immediately, before it dries.

Some things you can do NOW to get ready for the next school year.

These nautical handcrafted lanterns can be made with everyday household items and a few simple knots. This how-to is from TV crafter Kirsten Earl of "The Martha Stewart Show."