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  • Sherry Larey

    Deer Hunting Quotes Humor | Rocky Mountain Second Season - What a bunch of @#%&)'s!!!!!

  • Angie Klunder

    funny stuff!

  • Chris Mott

    "In order to live you must be able to laugh. Laugh at yourself and those things around you as laughter leads the way to a smile. One simple smile can cure anything that ails you." - Chris Mott -

  • Kim Durham

    Bang!! Just Kidding

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LMAO. I couldn't pass this and not appreciate the beauty of the bottom picture.

I see what the seal did there. I love that the shark is obeying too!

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Bahahahahaa. Whoever made faith in humanity has been restored.

True life. Wisconsin = close enough to the Antarctic. <==== Hm...must've been during the Wisconsin's ice days<<<<<ARE YOU KIDDING?? THIS ISNT DURING WINTER IT WAS MOST LIKELY DURING OCTOBER!!

The bottom one...I can't even look at it without busting out laughing. I'm actually crying.

This was too funny not to pin

I laughed a little too much at this one...This is me EVERY time.

Well, time for bed. This is so sad how true this is for me!!! Ha!!