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    In the last three years, government have shed more than 300,000 teaching jobs, as this chart shows via ThinkProgress

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    Report: The Stimulus Successfully Saved Teaching Jobs | ThinkProgress And, as recent research confirmed, public sector job cuts ripple through the economy, taking private sector jobs along with them.

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Minimum wage jobs have actually become worth even less as time goes on. While those one percent of top earners are seeing a great spike in their incomes, the low-wage worker is feeling deflated. Their wages haven’t kept up with the US inflation rate, as this chart from Bloomberg News illustrates:

This chart illustrates just how rare it is to see a strike like the fast food workers’.

The income of the richest one percent has risen, as middle class incomes drop.

Our schools are more segregated today than in 1980.

Black children are far more likely than whites to live in areas of concentrated poverty.

For the past 50 years, black unemployment has been well above recession levels.

Blacks are still far more likely to be uninsured than whites. That’s true for both adults and children.

Blacks are still far more likely to be uninsured than whites. That’s true for both adults and children.

The black poverty rate is no longer declining.

Women are getting significantly less health care services through Texas’ Women’s Health Program thanks to the state’s successful push to de-fund Planned Parenthood

In the first six months of this year, state legislatures have already enacted 106 provisions related to reproductive health and rights, according to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute. That includes 43 provisions restricting abortion access — as many as were enacted during the entire year in 2012.

Child care costs have risen in recent years while the federal minimum wage has not. It's time to #raisethewage.

Texas's extreme anti-abortion laws are a serious threat to women's rights and health.

This map of Texas plots zip codes by average income level. The poorest areas of Texas (the counties that are the reddest) are the same areas that are about to lose access to abortion clinics under Texas's extreme anti-abortion legislations.

As a map from the Texas Tribune illustrates, just a handful of locations (represented as yellow dots) will meet the requirements for “surgical centers” and be able to stay open. The clinics that will be forced to close (represented as blue dots) will leave huge swaths of Texas without any providers at all, particularly in the western half and northern edge of the state.

By our mid-to-late-20s, the desire to take on more responsibility fades fast for both men and women.

According to the Families and Work Institute, just 37 percent of working women and 44 percent of working men said they wanted more responsibility at the office in 2008, the last year of data (see below).

Affirmative Action then and Now.

Mother Jones Infographic: Paternity Leave