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san fermin festival poster finalist

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illustration by Pablo Amargo

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Illustrator and cartoonist Jillian Tamaki.

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Ben Jones


big bad

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Photo of a Poster-Brochure of the « Rêver d’Edgar Allan Poe » (To dream of Edgar Allan Poe) festival organised by the Musée d’Orsay in May 2012. This poster is the a slightly modified reprint of the movie poster of Roger Corman’s « Tomb of Ligeia », (1964) with Elizabeth Shepard and Vincent Price (by Ωméga *)

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2008 San

2008 San Fermin Festival Poster by M. Angel Antoñanzas Remon

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Aida Nayeban (IR), poster in exhibition 'Away from Near'

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Protest Visuals - Occupy Wall Street by Alexandra Clotfelter.

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Awesome Poster! #cool #shapes #colour - Andrew Bird

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great poster

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Concert poster for Ray

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Prometheus 1946 Vintage Theatre Poster

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Poster Round Up — Sundance Film Festival 2012. Cool poster design. Me would love to design a gig poster every now and then.

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The Indian Runners, by Chamo San

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