Concrete - House 6

House 6 / Marcio Kogan

Completed in 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Images by Pedro Kok. The House 6 project was thought out after the client had made an important request. The family wanted a covered external space to be used for.

Casa Winged / K2LD Architects. Singapur

Casa Winged / K2LD Architects

Exterior Home Roof Design Unique Roof Design In Winged House Design Architects With Amazing Architecture Of Roof And Amzing Deisgn Of House With Small Swimming Pool And Green Plant Envirinment Roof Ideas for Contemporary House Design

Galeria da Arquitetura | Residência MO - O projeto luminotécnico é de autoria do escritório Foco Luz e Desenho:

Minimalism and a thoughtful blending of strong industrial finishes with the soft layering of greenery.

detalle del interior

Image 2 of 17 from gallery of Solo House Casa Pezo / Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects. Courtesy of Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects

Villa Decín por Studio Pha -

Built by Studio Pha in Decin, Czech Republic with date Images by Tomáš Dittrich. The initial task was mainly to find the right location for a home (villa) on a large area, with its orientation provi.

Sleek contemporary house in Rio by Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura _

(Des)construindo o Rio de Janeiro

JN House by Jacobsen Arquitetura The mountains of Petrópolis was the scenery chosen by a Carioca couple to spend their weekends and holidays.

MK27 - Marcio Kogan - Casa V3

January 2014 - Posted in Architecture Images © Nelson Kon Marcio Kogan Architect from Studio fully made the House” in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Galeria - Casa V4 / Studio Mk27- Marcio Kogan   Renata Furlanetto - 151

Galeria de Casa V4 / Studio Mk27- Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto - 16

House design

This beautifully designed beachfront property on Waiheke Island shuns too much interest from passersbys by striking a balance between public and private

Casa de Praia": Casa Xan - Mapa Arquitetos, Brazil

Casas suspensas e integradas estão entre as melhores arquiteturas de 2014

XAN House in Xangrilá, a small town south of Porto Alegre, Brazil combines raw concrete with slatted timber

Access through the house? Though I'd quite like the security of driving in, closing doors and unloading house side.

Bitten House / arnau estudi d'arquitectura

Gallery of Caúcaso House / JJRR/ARQUITECTURA - 1

Gallery of Caúcaso House / JJRR/ARQUITECTURA - 1

© Takeshi Komada Architects: Komada Architects' Office Location: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Architects: Takeshi Komada, Yuka Komada Consultant: Yamabe.

LW House / Komada Architects' Office

Built by Komada Architects' Office in Edogawa, Japan with date Images by Takeshi Komada. LW house is a residence for the three-person family located at east side of Tokyo. The building long and slender is.