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    A sexy man is one who is sophisticated, but has susceptibility to attack and attract, looks rugged and tough, mean but has the kindest eyes with cutest the smile, has terrific physique but can touch a lady with the softest caress. He is one who is allowed to be brutally honest only if he is capable of falling deeply in love. He has the capability of making a woman feel like a princess with his love and lusty looks. A sexy man is confident without being self-assertive and arrogant.

    Love love love the hair so much. There should be way more boys with this hair.

    Facetem jestem i o siebie dbam: Fryzury dla facetów z zakolami

    Facetem jestem i o siebie dbam: Fryzury dla facetów z zakolami

    Hellooooo, Gorgeous! lol I like the jacket. And his her-do is fancy, too!

    Hosszabbra vágott tincsek, több lehetőség! Hordd a hangulatodhoz illő változatban! Bejelentkezés: 06 (1) 235 0061 salon@r2hair.hu

    People. Faces. Guys. Men. Confidence. Style. Cool. Classic. Leather. Textures. Layers. Indie. Dapper. Rugged. Beards. Hair. Skin. Beauty. Man Buns. Tees. Suit + Tie. Artistic. Tattoos. Piercings. Body. Features. Athletes. Selfies. Denim. Clean Cut. Distinguished. Tattoos. Jawlines. Eyes. Strong.

    Tracker Adrian Marx of Malorin Born: June 19th, 2331 Age: 18 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown (Straight) Height: 5’11” Species: Elf Powers: Teleportation and Tracking

    Blonde Men's Cropped Sides and Long Slicked Back Top.

    Hair [eenie, meanie, minie, moe, catch a hottie by the toe. If he's ____, let him stay. If he's ____, let him go. Preferably with my red handprint on his heinie. Just a bedtime rhyme, sorry. ~sdh/HHBakes.com]