Nothing cuter than a naked baby butt & little cowboy boots. (not for Audee, but maybe Liam or Conner)

So true!! I love it! Now I hold hands bigger than mine, never too old for mama when they are sick, and wipe away 1st tears of his broken heart.. always my baby boys...

One day <3

So true!!

<3 want a baby girl

So true.....

A sad reminder that our babies grow up too quickly. Cherish every moment, even the not-so-good ones. :)

oh. my. freaking. gracious. cowgirl hat, tutu, baby fat rolls, and boots - it doesn't get ANY better!!!

Family is more than blood! Brittany needs this shirt, and then I'll need it when she carries our next baby! :3 Shoot, I want it now because of Kaylee <3 It's so true <3

Such beauty. Biddy Craft

so true..

Oh, so true!

<3 So cute!! I love the Help!!

little mermaid <3 @Sandy Weishaar

"Yoda" onesey. Biddy Craft

Chambre grise et jaune soleil - des paniers métalliques pour livres et peluches #kidsroom #nursery #grey #yellow #metal

Great kid's room. Biddy Craft

Those Eyes <3

Super cute Minnetonka baby booties in new colors

so very true