“Follow @WildlifePlanet for more amazing wildlife and nature posts @WildlifePlanet ---------------------------- Baby elephant Photography by: ©Michelle…”

Nothing cuter than a naked baby butt & lil cowboy boots

baby elephants first time at the beach

Baby Closet <3

"Tenderness & kindness aren't signs of weaknesses, but manifestations of strengths." ~ Kahlil Gibran RT @kimczwicker

I find this true and false. It took having kids to show myself enough respect to find someone who truly loves me. But there is this truth about a mother's love that is undeniable. But it is a totally different love then that I have for my husband...

Earth Pics 🌍🌍🌏 on Instagram: “Baby elephant massaging his brother” instagram.com

So true!!

Sorry, I don't know the photographer I cannot give credit.

<3 want a baby girl

Donate here to support The Elephant Orphanage, Zambia -https://www.volunteerforever.com/volunteer_profile/valerie-downs

SO true - my children are now adults and I have 2 grandchildren that are grown - time does fly, cherish every moment!!!!

"Good Morning !" A Baby Elephant this morning at Sabi Sabi, it was smelling the air but it almost looked like the Elephant was saying hello!

So true.....

How could you not smile looking at this? Who says elephants can't fly??? Just look at this!!!!

Very true

baby elephants ; ) "Twin Baby Elephants, East Africa" by Diana Robinson 2012-02 on 500px 61759777

oh. my. freaking. gracious. cowgirl hat, tutu, baby fat rolls, and boots - it doesn't get ANY better!!!

Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when upset. Seems like a legitimate reaction to me.

Such beauty. Biddy Craft