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Solar system cake. Make a smaller version of this as part of a science project. Have kids make the edible planets and prop then on cake according to their order from sun. Fun and delicious! I love these for the girl project at school:)

Stylized Solar System. Free #Natal-Chart reading- Or Life #Tarot cards- fill the form:

Solar system necklace. That is gloriously geeky. I love it! :)(would it be considered cheating to wear it to science class on test day?)

Our Solar System / Sacred Geometry ♥

I totally underestimated how much my kids got out of making this Solar System (well.. the beginning of one!)

Solar System) Here is the Far from the beautiful near and far. We are blessed. We are part of something so much bigger than us. And to take the time to see the beauty in everything is priceless.