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"Grandma" ~ by Karen Tribett ♥♥♥ Grandma, hold me a little longer ~ rock me a little more ~ Tell me another story ~ (you've only told me four!) ~ Let me sleep on your shoulder ~ I love your happy smile ~ I'll always love you, Grandma ~ so stay with me a while.

This made me smile- my grandmother loved to shower me with gifts. I miss her.

Actually, my granddaughter calls me "Gii," and I love it. And my cold steely heart (HA!) seriously melted all the way when she held my hand to take a walk, and re-melts every time she smiles at me and runs into my arms. There's no greater joy!

My Grandma Ford...I loved her more than anything...she passed away in June 2011...she was my favorite by far... she loved us grandkids just as much as we loved her...I miss you so much...I love you grandma!

I miss my grandma... Especially right now! She could fix anything and had the best advice!

Grandma's Love ...because grandchildren are special!

Why I Thought My Grandma Didn't Love Me Single Parents

I remember my grandmother laying on my back as we rode the sled down a hill...I remember her laughing!

instead of people RSVPing with a card to my wedding- i want them to send me their favorite recipes!